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Hall of Fame

*Inaugural - Class of 2010

  1. Robert Graff (Coach) 
  2. Darren Horstmeier
  3. Scott Cater
  4. Shane Farrell

Class of 2012

  1. Paul Newton
  2. Jesse Schelitzche

Class of 2014

  1. Derek Daehn
  2. Pete Nelson

Class of 2016

  1. Rob Horn
  2. Josh Swart

Class of 2011

  1. Sam Litman 
  2. Brian Finnvik
  3. Mark Bontrager

Class of 2013

  1. Frank Clark
  2. Aaron Olivier

Class of 2015

  1. Steve Dahlager
  2. Scott Bloedow

Class of 2017

  1. Zach Swart
  2. Charlie Nesser

Hall of Fame Guidelines:


Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduate or served as a Coach.
  • 5 year out of school requirement.
  • Must have represented UMD well, both on and off the field.
  • Person can be voted into HOF, but cannot be officially inducted and receive award until present at Alumni Weekend. (If the inductee is disabled or deceased, a family member may accept the award in his absence).

Nomination/Selection Process

  • Nominations solicited from all alumni via form on website.
  • Qualifications/Accomplishments must be submitted on form.
  • Unlimited number of nominations - Selection Committee will determine the most qualified nominees.
  • When HOF reaches 7 members, Selection Committee will be made up of these 7 Inductees and will grow from that point forward.  (Initially committee will include members of the Alumni Board and Coaches)

Number of Inductees per Year

  • 4 Inductees for the Inaugural year (2010).
  • 3 Inductees the second year (2011).
  • After this, the number of Inductees will vary, but no more than 2 per year.
  • Selections can come from any of the eligible years, with no requirement on taking someone from each decade.
  • The best qualified should be inducted and not be determined by when they played.
  • Focus is on maintaining the exclusive nature of the honor.