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Duluth Box Lacrosse League

Duluth Box Lacrosse League

The Duluth Box Lacrosse League (DBLL) is a Fall box lacrosse league whose primary goal is to provide a fun off-season lacrosse opportunity for Northern Minnesota lacrosse players, taking advantage of all of the benefits of the game of box lacrosse. Games will be played at the Lower Chester Hockey Rink in Duluth, MN. The league will have two divisions. The High School+ Division is open to area high school players and adults (except current collegiate lacrosse players) and the Middle School Division is open to players in grades 5-8. Play will begin in mid-September with most games played on Sunday afternoon and evening.


Who: Kids going into 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade

What: Duluth Box Lacrosse League - Box Lacrosse 6 v 6

When: League play starts - Sunday, September 24th

Where: Lower Chester Hockey Rink

Cost: $90 registration fee - covers rink rental, pinnie/jersey (if needed), game balls and timing equipment.


Due to the number of late registrations, teams have not been formed yet. The first week will be a clinic run by UMD lacrosse players introducing the kids to box lacrosse. The clinic will run from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, still at Lower Chester.

We are still accepting registrations!


All players are required to wear a helmet (lacrosse or hockey), shoulderpads, armpads, gloves and a mouthguard. Goalies must wear a chest protector, throat guard and an athletic cup. Goalies may wear extra padding on their legs, torso and arms similar to what box lacrosse goalies wear in other leagues. All players use short sticks or goalie crosses. There are no long poles in box lacrosse.

Zach Zierden

UMD Men's Lacrosse Team President

Phone: 2185906756


Teams shall consist of 8-10 players per roster. There must be at least 8 players on a roster who anticipate attending all of a teams games during the course of the season. In box lacrosse there are 5 field players and 1 goalie per team on the rink at one time.

Game Length

Two 24 minute running-time halves. 3 minute half-time.


Middle School Division is for players in 5-8 grade.